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#Zayn Malik Imagine - PART 2 

#Zayn Malik Imagine - PART 2

I woke up with a great feeling. I was really exited!
I mean for today, because One Direction was maybe coming to my school (Just so you know, my school wasn’t a group of Directioners. We don’t fangirl, cause we don’t have time for it. I understand the middle school, but high school wa about our future)
Well, I logged on Twitter again.
I really just had to look at the 1D twitter page. I pushed the button “tweets”. There wasn’t any tweet about it anymore!
I were sick or something, cause I saw it yesterday.
1 min later, there was a new tweet saying:”Guys, we’re sorry, the school visit is cancelled. We have to get home again.” and even no smiley! What was even going on?
I was so mad, cause I thought, that I was going to see my love tomorrow now it’s today, but I cried.
"Goodbye Zayn, we’ll never meet each other."
My phone was ringing. “Of course, Alex!”
I took the phone
- Hey, Y/N
- Hey Alex, you need something?
- No, or yes. You told me to give a ride for school today or actually everyday.
- I’m worry sweet, well I’ll be there in 30 minutes, okay? :) 
- Okay, bye sweetheart.
- Bye
I thought, that she just like me cried, but I didn’t knew why? I ran into my room, and wore this as fast as I could:

My car was more beautiful and happier than me. It was just standing there! That blue colour was so great.
I actually have two cars, but this one is for school, cause it’s a car for school, I guess.
I got in the car, and drove as fast as I could.
I stopped my car beside Alex’s house.
Haley stood outside, and Alex were about to lock the door. 
I got out of my car and gave them a hug. I love them so much. They got in the car, and I drove to our high school.
At the park my place were taken. I was mad, because of this thing and the tweet on twitter. 
I went into the school with Alex and Haley. I was really sad, so I just gave them a hug and went to my lessons.
I had creative. It’s about draw, and things like that.
I went to my seat and sat there of course else.
The teacher gave us new seat yesterday, and I didn’t have a partner or a person sitting next to me. Our teacher came in with a guy. He looked kind of cool, or maybe more than just cool. I didn’t look at him, cause I was shy.
"Hello, this is Zayn. He’s gonna be here for some couple of weeks. Don’t bully him or something else.
And Zayn, you can sit next to Y/N. She’s really good at creative and a good neighbour. I hope you will like this class.”
He came to my seat, and sat down. I gave him my hand, and said:”Hey, I’m Y/N. Nice to meet you.”
I looked him in eyes, and I had that feeling, that I had seen before, but I couldn’t remember where. He looked so WOW. I couldn’t say anything, cause I think, that I liked him much. Maybe “First sight love” or what else.

Zayn’s POV

This class was okay, actually what I expected. The boys and I have to be here until the summer holidays. We’re going to make a book of every single day. It’s kind of a diary, but we can’t tell anybody about it.
Well, this girl sitting next to me looked at me so much.
I thought, that I was a monster or something. I hope, that I or the boys don’t fall in love here except Louis and Liam, cause they have two special girlfriends. And it seems like they’re never going to break up. I broke up with Perrie, cause my feelings went off, when I saw her with that dude. I mean the dude, who worked at the Take Me Home tour. I was so mad at her, but I shouldn’t be mad at her, cause I should be mad at me for the thing, that I didn’t see how boring, she actually was. She was sweet, but love wasn’t, what I felt for her. I just liked her and not more. We are now friends, cause her career went off, when we broke up, and then she needed help, and I helped her, cause I’m not the devil. Y/N seemed to be sweet, but I wasn’t going to have feelings for anyone, but I thought, that if we’ll be friends, than it’s only good. So I introduced myself for her:
- Well, I’m Zayn. I’m from London, and I’m 20 years old.
My parents are still together, and I have 3 sisters. The first is older than me, and the two others are younger than me (I didn’t tell her the names, cause then she would know, that I actually am Zayn Malik from One Direction) 
So that’s what I have to tell 
- Okay, I’m Y/N, and I’m 19 years old. My parents live in London together, but I live here, cause I want to. I have 2 little sisters, and 1 little brother.
I hope she’s good at this, cause I am, and if she’s good, than we’ll be best together.
The teacher said, that we (not only Y/N and I. The whole class) were going to make a project together, and we had 3 days to make it. My partner was Y/N, cause in this school you had to work a lot with your neighbour, or the person you are sitting next to. 
I asked Y/N, if she would work/talk about the project after school.
- Well, where?
- I can’t at my place, Y/N, cause it’s not clean there.
- Okay, then we’ll go at my place. I have a clean house.
She lives in a house as 19 years old girl/woman/female/or what else. It’s weird. I could never let one of my daughters or sisters live alone. Okay, I don’t have worry about her, cause she’s not my sister, girlfriend or daughter.
This lesson was finish/done
- See you in the parking lot, Zayn. Bye
- Bye 
I went to the boys. They were standing at the door.
I told them, that I in my class, where about to make a project, and that we had to make it with the person you were sitting next to.
- I’m gonna be home soon, guys. We’re going to begin with it. (Zayn)
- Who is the person you’re sitting next to? (Liam)
- Y/N, and she’s standing right over there. (Zayn)
- Wow, she’s actually really beautiful, and you’ll be a cute couple. (Harry)
- OH God, stop Harry. I’m not gonna date anyone here. (Zayn)
- I hope she’s really sweet, cause you really need her, if she is sweet. (Louis)
- Guys, we’re not here to date and find girlfriends. We’re here to make our book, so it means; NO DATING, NO GIRLFRIENDS etc. (Zayn)
- Well, I hope you’ll have a great night, Zayn. (Niall)
- Thanks, and have a great night too. Bye, guys. (Zayn)
- Bye, (Niall)
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Interviewer: “Zayn, how is Y/N (Your/Name)?”
Zayn: *Smiles*

Interviewer: “Zayn, how is Y/N (Your/Name)?”

Zayn: *Smiles*

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#Zayn Malik Imagine - PART 1 

#Zayn Malik Imagine - PART 1

You are 19 years old and you live alone in Los Angels/LA, because your parents live in London, and they couldn’t move to LA, because of their jobs. 
Zayn is 20 years, and he lives in London, but he has to be in LA for a couple weeks with the boys. 
Your parents are rich, so you are rich too. You’re sweet, popular and very beautiful.
You go in high school, and you have everything, you need.

Your POV
I got up early today because of the school. I really hate going in school, but I had to get some kind of education, to not be a poor something. I should think about my future. I mean kids, family, husband and you know.
It’s so empty here. I don’t like it. I wanted my parents to live with me, but when I finish this high school, I’m so much going to London again.
I opened my wardrobe and wore this:
The fridge was empty. I mean there wasn’t food, that I in the moment wanted, so I will buy food in school.
I had to pick up Alex and Haley, because they are kind of my best friends, and we always help each other. 
I picked them up and drove to the school.
When we went in the school everybody stared at us.
I should go to math, but they had english, so we weren’t in the same class in the first lessons. 
Suddenly the headmaster said, that we were getting guests tomorrow in the speakers. When I said we I meant only my class, Alex’ and Haley’s class.
He said that the teachers had a present for the pupils, I mean us, well yes:)
I was suprised, and kinda happy, and i wanted to know what the present was, cause I couldn’t wait for one day, but I had too.
The teacher couldn’t say so much, because we were done for today. 
I went to Alex and asked her, if she needed to get home, cause I could drive her home, if she wanted, but she waited for her boyfriend. Alex, her boyfriend or should I say Chase and Haley were going to shopping. They asked me, but I had to visit some places and get food for tonight.
I gave them hugs and got in the car. I really needed someone to talk to.
Well, i got some food from the supermarket. The thing wasn’t about, that I was scared of being alone home. I wasn’t. I just needed something, that I didn’t knew what was. Everything was boring, so I decided to clean the house. 
Everything was white here, but I needed a clean house. 
4 hours later..
I’m done. It looks so beautiful here. Every little dust wasn’t here more.
The thoughts in my head was still about the day tomorrow. What would happen?
If I knew. I logged on twitter, and like I said nothing new here.
I opened Zayn Maliks twitter page. He didn’t even have 8 million followers. 
Just look how many Harry has 10,6 million followers.
At the One Direction twitter page, there was a tweet about they boys were going to a school in LA tomorrow. I was like “WHAT THE FUCK”
I was only hoping that they were coming to my school, I mean high school.
The computer was going to get a big kiss from me, if it was true.
I turned it off and went to sleep…

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